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I have received excellent business and management training and continue to do so.

I also have a project management qualification and I am looking out for projects to help out with in the area.

I am a successful trained businessman. I have a Business and Management Bachelor of Science (Honours). Currently doing a Masters of Business Management. I attended one of the best universities in England (above Oxford and Leeds in the FT rankings – second only to the London School of Economics when I was there). I took language lessons at university. I have work experience in retail, and banking finance. I have raised money for charity and helped organise events. I have some computer skills training. I like to live life to the full. I am currently working and studying. I would like to publish a book someday.

Aim sponsors my brothers local sports team.

Aim is now a personal website.




I can help with basic accounting principles, rules and regulations, templates, formulas and more.

I can recommend qualified accountants.


Human resource management.

Organisational behaviour.

Business law.

I can provide basic business coaching, mentoring and consultation on training procedures.

Operations and Project Management

Project Management can range from setting up the whole business to focusing on specific areas of the business (operations management).

From creating a business idea to conducting a feasibility study to looking at cash flow forecasts.

The main thing I will be able to help with is the business plan and report and to check all main areas are covered. For example helping with SWOT and PEST analysis.

From catching a bus to organising the Olympics, project management happens every day.

Hopefully I will even be able to help gain the attention of investors.


In a world where customers are surrounded by marketing at home, at work, in the street, in shops, at play, in nearly every daily activity businesses have to fight to capture attention before they can begin to demonstrate the value they provide. Today customers have more choices and more power than ever before, a good product, service, TV commercial, price, website or retail outlet is no longer good enough! Consumers and business buyers can quickly and easily research products and companies, compare prices, check specifications and delivery options and then buy with the click of a mouse (Burk Wood M 2008. The Marketing Plan Handbook. Prentice Hall.)


Good Luck - 

Have great times

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